At Infinitum Therapy, you can conveniently access and book online therapy with a highly qualified, fully accredited, professional and caring therapist, using online video calls.

Online Therapy is like face to face therapy, but happens through video calls using a secure video platform (such as Skype). Many clients find it difficult to access the right therapist due to where they live or their commitments. Online Therapy makes effective therapy accessible to everyone.

How does it work?

1. Book your first therapy session


Get in touch and let me know about what you need help with and whether you are interested in any particular psychological therapy. No worries if you are unsure - I can help you with this.


Schedule in your first appointment/assessment.





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2. Access convenient and effective therapy


Access your therapy from the comfort of your own home at a time that fits around your lifestyle.


Get support and professional help from a therapist who understands and cares and makes you feel less alone with your difficulties.




3. Start dealing with your problems and create a better future

Therapy will either be short-term (6-12 sessions) or long-term, depending on your individual needs and what you would like to get out of therapy.


Feel the benefits of therapy and put into practice what you discover and work on with your therapist.


Start creating a better future.


How Online Therapy and talking to a therapist online can help


A qualified and accredited therapist will have experience working with a variety of difficulties and backgrounds and your therapy will be individually tailored to your particular problems and needs. No difficulty or problem is too big or too small for your therapist.


Therapy involves a lot of different things and everyone will respond to or find a different approach helpful. Your therapist is here to help you figure out what works best for you and guide you when needed.

Sometimes this might involve gaining a deeper understanding and other times this involves using different techniques or making important changes in your life.

Most importantly, your therapist is here to make you feel listened to, take you seriously and respect you and offer her professional experience and knowledge to provide insight into what you feel, why you feel that way and how you behave. You can then decide together what will be needed to help you feel better and to maintain your progress. 

Online EMDR Therapy

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy is a highly effective therapy that can bring on rapid shifts in feelings and insight. It was initially devised for processing trauma, but can also treat a whole range of other psychological difficulties.

Finding your way through loss & Grief - A therapist's guide to working through any grieving process

Our life is full of losses and new beginnings. Whilst we are good at dealing with some, there are losses that touch us deeply and are difficult to come to terms with.


 “A book both for those grappling with loss but also for therapists as it is packed with much useful information…” - Anne Scoging, Head of Psychological Health at the London Fire Brigade 


 “Christine has successfully presented a coherent guide for working toward healing the numbness, pain and despair following personal loss… I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has experienced loss and is grieving…” - Maureen Moore, EMDR Europe Accredited Supervisor/Consultant


 “Christine beautifully engages the reader in such a way, that it feels that she is right by your side, she is a therapist and a companion … " - Gemma Krier-Mead, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

All therapy at Infinitum Therapy is provided by a highly qualified and experienced therapist, fully accredited and registered with the following accrediting bodies and professional associations: