Finding your way through loss & Grief - A therapist's guide to working through any grieving process

Our life is full of losses and new beginnings. Whilst we are good at dealing with some, there are losses that touch us deeply and are difficult to come to terms with.


Whether you have experienced a bereavement, a relationship break-up, job loss, illness, miscarriage or any other loss that is significant to you, this book can help you to make sense of it.


It will guide you through those difficult and overwhelming emotions, explaining how these fit into the universal psychological process of grieving – and showing you a path to creating a more content life.


You will find a gentle and empathetic approach that will help you work through your grief and receive plenty of insight and tools that will help you fully process your feelings, enabling you to:

  • Understand your loss, identifying what it means to you.
  • Develop acceptance, allowing yourself to move through the grieving process.
  • Learn to express, and not supress, your emotions – without feeling completely overwhelmed.
  • Define where you want to get to, so you are clear on what it is you are working toward.
  • Cope with and adapt to changes, to eventually help you to embrace your new reality.