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What happens during my first appointment?

Your first session is an opportunity to talk through your difficulties in detail and to get to know your therapist and vice versa. You will also get a feel of how it would be to work with your therapist - trust your gut response. There is no expectation that you continue therapy unless you are absolutely sure you found the right therapist for you.


Your therapist will also want to know what you would like to get out of therapy and will tell you more about the different approaches and her way of working.


At the end of your first session, you will have formulated an initial therapy plan together with your therapist.

How long and often do I need to have therapy for?

For you to get the most out of therapy, it's best to initially have weekly appointments at an agreed upon time, but it is of course possible to schedule in therapy less frequently if you and your therapist agree that this is suitable for your particular situation and will help you to achieve what you are looking for.


Therapy will be short-term (6-12 sessions) or long-term, depending on your individual needs and what you would like to get out of therapy. You can agree to work together for a fixed number of sessions, or keep it open-ended.


Therapy sessions are 55 minutes long.